Why should you install insulation?

By Knauf Insulation
March 05, 2020

Consider the choice a buyer or tenant may have between two seemingly identical properties:

  • Property one has a stable indoor temperature and only needs minimal cooling and heating to maintain the ambient temperature. It is quiet and has low energy bills.
  • Property two has an internal temperature that rises and falls with the external temperature, and so needs constant cooling and heating with the associated costs. What’s more, noise travels easily between rooms and from outside.

If you were the buyer or tenant, it’s not hard to see that property one offers the better choice.

So, what is the difference between the two properties? Property one has been built with the addition of mineral wool cavity wall and acoustic insulation in the internal partitions, while property two has been built using traditional construction methods.

How does insulation help in warm countries?

Insulation helps in warm countries because it helps slow down the transfer of heat. As a result, many people associate insulation with keeping warm, but when it is used in the fabric of a building, it helps maintain a stable internal environment, whether that is warm or cool. Think of a fridge – it uses insulation to keep the temperature cool so the food inside stays fresher for longer, regardless of the temperature outside.

The same is true of a building. The greatest proportion of energy loss from cooling or heating a property without insulation takes place through its roof and external walls. Adding high performance insulation such as Mineral Wool is the most efficient way to keep buildings cool when it’s hot outside and warm when it’s cold outside. What’s more, this means less energy is needed for cooling or heating, making the home more sustainable with lower energy bills.

What are the benefits of Knauf Insulation Mineral Wool?

Mineral Wool provides excellent thermal performance, but that’s not all – it is an extremely versatile material and offers a wealth of benefits to building occupants and construction professionals alike, including:

  • Noise reduction

Mineral Wool absorbs sound and will help to prevent unwanted noise from penetrating the building from outside or from transferring from one room to another.

  • Fire safety

Mineral Wool is non-combustible with a Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire classification. This means it will not contribute to the development or the spread of a fire should it occur.

  • Rock and Glass – the right material for the application

Mineral wool can be manufactured from rock or glass. They both offer excellent thermal, acoustic and fire performance, but because they are made from different materials, they behave in slightly different ways. As the only UK manufacturer of both Glass and Rock Mineral Wool, we are uniquely placed to recommend the best insulation solution for each application.

  • Pleasant to touch

What’s more, Knauf Insulation Mineral Wool is manufactured using ECOSE® Technology, its unique bio-based binder which ‘glues’ the individual strands together to make a quilt or a slab. ECOSE® Technology makes Knauf Insulation Mineral Wool pleasant to touch and easy to handle compared to Mineral Wool insulation made with phenol formaldehyde chemical-based binders. It generates low level of dust and low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

  • Easy to install

Mineral Wool from Knauf Insulation is designed with the installer in mind – it is easy to install, butts together to eliminate gaps and is ready-sized for standard construction. It is lightweight which, together with its most advanced packaging compression, means packs are smaller and easy to carry – without reducing the amount of insulation in the pack. This means less space is needed for storage and transit, and less handling and carrying on site.

A building that is well insulated using Mineral Wool provides occupants with more comfortable living and working conditions and helps to reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower bills. And unlike other types of insulation, Mineral Wool gives the added reassurance that it will not contribute to the development or the spread of a fire should it occur. Benefits that ultimately make a property more desirable and saleable. It therefore makes good business sense to install Mineral Wool insulation into cavities during construction.