Product Shot
Product Formats


A factory applied perforation along the full length of a roll which creates pre-sized widths without the need for measuring or cutting.


Without the use of tools, the user has the option to either quickly create roll widths to suit standard ceiling joist centres, whilst still in the packaging, or for installation as a full width roll.


Pre-cut rolls of equal width, ready to install without the need for measuring or cutting.                                       


Pre-made narrower rolls that can be separated whilst still in the packaging to suit applications such as partitions.


No cut has been applied to these products.



Rolls – allows the user to cut to specific widths as required at the job site or use as a full roll width.

Slabs – are usually designed to be used as a full piece of material in standard applications.

Products with this symbol are available by special request. Please contact your local Knauf Insulation representative for more information.