Logistics & Support



  • Products are palletised*
  • Minimum order quantity per SKU (Stock Keeping Unit - i.e. specific product dimension) is a single pallet as part of a full load
  • A full load comprises any mix of 18 pallets of products that  appear in this sales and specification guide
  • Made-to-order products are available subject to lead time and minimum order quantities.

*Glass Mineral Wool products are always palletised,some Rock Mineral Wool products may not be palletised

** Customs clearance may occasionally extend the lead time for which Knauf Insulation is not able to accept responsibility


  • Deliveries are made in 40’ High Cube containers,i.e., 18 pallets in total or equivalent in loose packs* on some Rock products
  • Terms are based on full load deliveries – see your ‘Customer Terms Confirmation’ (CTC) document
  • Lead time for standard products is typically 25 days**
    • following credit clearance / receipt of approved letter of credit
    • from acknowledgement of receipt of order
    • some destinations may have a longer lead time - please enquire
    • Prices are offered on the basis of FOB incoterms (Free on Board) with the option of sea freight as a separate chargeable service – see your CTC for clarification. Other delivery options may be available on request




  • Orders can be placed by sending your purchase order to the email address below

  • Purchase orders should include the following information:
    • Unique purchase order number
    • Product codes (please the product guide)
    • Product names (please see the product guide)
    • Price (please see your CTC)
    • Quantities required in pallets for Glass products or packs for Rock products*
    • Port of delivery
    • Contact name and telephone number
  • Customer Services are available between 08.30-17.00 (GMT) Monday-Friday to assist with orders, delivery queries or pro-forma invoices.

Telephone: +44 1744 766 767

Email: [email protected]


Knauf Insulation offers advice on all products and solutions through the Technical Support Team who provide free, expert advice for stockists, dealers, architects and professional end-users in the construction industry.

The Technical Support Team is available 08.30-17.00 (GMT) Monday to Friday. Emails will usually be answered within 24 hours.

Telephone: +44 1744 766 666

Email: [email protected]

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