It is widely known that buildings account for 40% of worldwide carbon emissions, and increasing their energy efficiency is still a priority for governments as they try to combat climate change. Whilst the primary role of insulation is to provide thermal performance, choosing the right insulation will also determine a building’s acoustic and fire safety properties as well as the level of comfort it provides for its users. Our mineral wool insulation solutions provide a unique combination of performance.


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The energy saving properties and thermal performance of insulation keep buildings warm in winter and cool in summer.

The bigger the temperature difference between the inside and outside of a building, the faster the building will lose heat in winter and gain heat in summer.

Our mineral wool insulation solutions help maintain a stable inside temperature by slowing heat transfer by convection, conduction and radiation.

By insulating a property properly, energy and therefore costs can be saved either from the heating system when heating a cold building, or from the air conditioning system when cooling a warm building.

The cost of including insulation as a new build element or retrofit material should be assessed against the significant reduction in lifetime running costs of the building, and particularly the likely effects when EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates) are introduced.


Fire Safety

The fire performance of our insulation gives it its ability to provide passive fi re protection.

Buildings must be designed and constructed to minimise the risk of fi re and its spread should it occur, as well as to maximise the structure’s stability and the ability of occupants to escape unharmed.

As well as acting as a barrier to the fi re, should it occur, our non-combustible mineral wool insulation solutions will not add to its development stages, minimising its overall effect and consequences.

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The acoustic performance of insulation can help
create an improved internal environment for building occupants.

Protection from noise contributes towards the ‘quality of life’ afforded by dwellings, and a healthy, productive and attractive environment in offices, hospitals, schools and other non-domestic buildings.

Our mineral wool insulation solutions provide high levels of sound absorption and noise reduction, in new build or within existing buildings through retrofit, to provide improved sound insulation and acoustic comfort.


Insulation can help create dry, comfortable indoor environments and buildings and have a major impact on the health and well being of their users.

By preventing air leaks, uncontrolled condensation and possible mould spores, mildew or microbial organic compounds, a well-insulated, airtight building envelope also contributes to the health of a building — particularly if combined with efficient installation of the solutions and a controlled ventilation system. 

Our mineral wool insulation solutions provide all of the above benefits, but more importantly, thanks to our ECOSE® Technology, they contribute to high levels of indoor air quality and were the world’s first products to be awarded the Eurofins Gold Certificate for Indoor Air Comfort.

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