Why Choose Knauf
Why Choose Knauf Insulation?


There is a very broad spectrum of insulation solutions available in the market, with an equally broad variance in form, performance, sustainability credentials, cost-effectiveness and availability.

We offer solutions for all applications in commercial and residential buildings, for both new build and refurbishment projects, in addition to insulation solutions for HVAC, industrial applications and fire protection.


  • Proven expertise in both Glass and Rock Mineral Wool placing us in a unique position to offer the best insulation solution for your application;
  • Continuous innovation, allowing us to constantly improve our offering and support our customers in the areas of sustainability, quality of build and performance.

As well as being highly sustainable, our Glass and Rock Mineral Wool products are non-combustible with the highest levels of thermal and acoustic performance. They can meet the highest specifications and have demonstrated excellent rounded performance in the most demanding projects, including those built to the Passivhaus standard.

Our high performance Glass Mineral Wool insulation solutions contain up to 80% high quality recycled materials, to which is added sand, limestone and soda ash before being melted in a furnace. The molten glass is spun to form millions of fine strands of wool. We use our proprietary and revolutionary bio-based binder, ECOSE® Technology, to bind the mineral wool together to form a mat of material which is then cured in order to form the final product. The density of the product determines whether the insulation is a lightweight quilt supplied in rolls, a flexible slab or a rigid slab, and its thermal insulation value..

Our Rock Mineral Wool insulation solutions are mainly made from volcanic rock, typically basalt and/or dolomite. An increasing proportion is now recycled material from slag, a waste product from blast furnaces. The raw materials are melted and then spun into fine strands of wool. A binder is used to bind the wool together to form a mat of insulation, which is then cut into slabs or wired mattresses. Most of our Rock Mineral Wool products use our ECOSE® Technology.

Our Technical Solutions comprise of a range of high performance insulation solutions that have been developed specifically for the insulation requirements of HVAC systems and industrial plants. Our range covers solutions for insulating heating systems, piping and air conditioning ducts, insulating industrial plant and power stations, and for passive fire protection. Visit www.knaufinsulation-ts.com for further information.

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Industry-leading Compression Packaging

Our industry-leading compression packaging technology (9:1) allows for more product per pack, therefore less packaging used, fewer lorries on the roads and reduced transport carbon emissions. All of which contributes to a low lifecycle impact. It also means our customers require less storage space, and less carrying and handling when compared to other products.