What's new with Knauf Insulation?

By Knauf Insulation
October 21, 2021

At Knauf Insulation, we have been making a lot of changes.

These changes are designed to make our market-leading, non-combustible products even better.

Better for you, because it’s easier to choose, use, store and handle your insulation. And better for the world, because together, we are reducing our carbon footprint even further.

Firstly, we have redesigned and improved our packaging so that the information you need is front and centre. This includes;

  • More prominent product features (such as thermal and acoustic icons, and Euroclass A1 Non-combustible logo and wording for fire safety assurance and compliance);
  • A colour-coded Glass Mineral Wool range by thermal conductivity group.

Insulation products are manufactured for specific applications and are rarely a ‘one size fits all’ product, so it is vitally important that the right products are used at the right time, and easy to choose in store or on site.

We are introducing Rocksilk®, a new brand with a fresh look for our high performance, non-combustible Rock Mineral Wool range! Our Rocksilk® products can be used in a variety of applications across both residential and commercial buildings.

The sustainability credentials of building materials is on everyone’s minds with tightening legislation and the push to build environmentally-friendly, sustainable buildings for the future. We are continually looking for ways that we can make our products more sustainable, so our first step has been to reduce the ink content on each pack. We are also introducing a new film with a minimum of 30% recycled content, which means our packaging is even easier to recycle. So you can use our products knowing you are building for now and the future.

Our already industry-leading compression technology has been upgraded to a 10:1 ratio, meaning there is even more product per pack and pallet, therefore less vehicles on the roads and less plastic packaging per m2 of our insulation, improving our carbon footprint.

Our unique bio-based binder is better for the installer and the environment, and our insulation is naturally non-combustible. All of this comes with reassurance, compliance, and comprehensive technical support.

If you have any queries about our product range or would like to speak to someone about your insulation needs, contact your Knauf Insulation representative today.