Reasons to Use Acoustic Insulation

Reasons to Use Acoustic Insulation
Internal partition
Reason 1:

It's perfect for internal drywall partitions.

Acoustic performance is the sole requirement for drywall partitions, so our acoustic insulation is engineered specifically for acoustics whilst removing the unnecessary cost for additional thermal performance for this application!

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Reason 2:

You can choose between a roll or a batt.

Some prefer rolls, others prefer batts; we offer both. We recommend rolls because they’re installed in a continuous length, so you don’t have to butt joints, and they’re faster & easier to install.

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Reason 3:

It provides high levels of sound absorption.

Mineral wool delivers superior acoustic performance thanks to its open structure, which traps sound between its individual strands. When acoustic mineral wool is used in walls or floors, sound cannot travel through or reverberate back as echoes.

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Reason 4:

It provides high levels of safety for high levels of performance.

Acoustic Roll and Acoustic Batt are non-combustible with the best possible Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire classification, meaning they won’t contribute to the development or spread of fire in any way!

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Commercial building
Reason 5

It's ideal for both domestic and commercial buildings.

Acoustic insulation helps lessen the effect of noise in domestic and commercial properties!

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