Rock Mineral Wool - Rocksilk® RS45 Building Slab

Rocksilk® RS45 Building Slab


Pitched Roofs at Rafter Level, Ground Floors, Separating Floors, Fabrication, Internal Walls / Partitions, Timber Frame Walls


Rock Mineral Wool


Rocksilk® RS45 Building Slabs are designed for use in multiple thermal, acoustic and fire applications in both residential and non-residential buildings.

Alternative densities and thicknesses are available on request.


  • Multi-purpose product range which can be used to insulate a wide range of applications on site - good all-rounder
  • Non-combustible A1 Euroclass Reaction to Fire classification
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Excellent sound absorption characteristics provide high levels of sound reduction
  • Easy to cut with a large bladed knife or serrated saw
  • Available up to 270mm thickness



Product NameThickness (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)Product FormatArea per Pack (m²)Quantity per PackPacks per PalletArea per Pallet (m²)R-Value (m²K/W)Thermal Conductivity
Rocksilk® RS45 Building Slab251200600Un-cut14.402012172.800.700.035
Rocksilk® RS100 Building Slab251200600Un-cut8.641216138.240.700.034
Rocksilk® RS60 Building Slab25120060012.961218155.520.700.034
Rocksilk® RS100 Building Slab301200600Un-cut7.201016115.200.850.034
Rocksilk® RS45 Building Slab301200600Un-cut11.521612138.240.850.035
Rocksilk® RS60 Building Slab4012006008.641212103.681.150.034
Rocksilk® RS45 Building Slab401200600Un-cut8.641212103.681.100.035
Rocksilk® RS100 Building Slab401200600Un-cut5.0471680.641.150.034
Rocksilk® RS60 Building Slab5012006006.4812977.761.450.034
Rocksilk® RS100 Building Slab501200600Un-cut4.3261669.121.450.034
Rocksilk® RS45 Building Slab501200600Un-cut7.20101286.401.400.035
Rocksilk® RS45 Building Slab601200600Un-cut5.7681269.121.700.035
Rocksilk® RS60 Building Slab6012006005.0412760.481.750.034
Rocksilk® RS100 Building Slab751200600Un-cut2.8841646.082.200.034
Rocksilk® RS60 Building Slab7512006004.3212651.842.200.034
Rocksilk® RS45 Building Slab751200600Un-cut4.3261251.842.100.035
Rocksilk® RS45 Building Slab1001200600Un-cut3.6051243.202.850.035
Rocksilk® RS100 Building Slab1001200600Un-cut2.1631634.562.900.034
Rocksilk® RS60 Building Slab10012006002.8812434.562.900.034
Rocksilk® RS45 Building Slab1501200600Un-cut2.1631225.924.250.035


Eurofins Gold
Zero Global Warming Potential
A1 Euroclass Fire Rating
Made in Britain



March 2019


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May 2022


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June 2019


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Additional Product Information

ECOSE® Technology

ECOSE® Technology is our revolutionary sustainable bio-based binder used in the manufacture of all of our glass mineral wool products, and the majority of our rock mineral wool products. invented nearly 10 years ago, it is not only unique, but very much central to our sustainability strategy.  Our ECOSE® Technology is present in Building Slabs and is just another key benefit of our products.

ECOSE® Technology has 5 key benefits

  • A natural binder
  • A lower embodied energy
  • Proven durability
  • Optimum indoor air comfort
  • Easy to handle

We care for the people who make our products, the people who use them and the world we all depend on.

Whilst we are dedicated to supplying sustainable high performance insulation solutions for enhanced energy efficiency in buildings, we also continually strive for improvements in our manufacturing and supply chain operations so to improve quality and minimise our impact on the environment. All Knauf Insulation production locations have state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and meet the highest quality standards as well as they are supported by an ongoing research and development program. All of our products including Building Slabs are sustainably manufactured.

At Knauf Insulation, we have 7 key sustainability considerations:

  • to conserve natural resources
  • to reduce the evironmental effects of our own processes
  • Treating people fairly, along the supply chain
  • Delivering our products efficiently
  • Building a comfortable and healthy indoor environment
  • Performance reporting
  • Recognition