Facts about ECOSE® Technology

ECOSE Technology
Facts about ECOSE® Technology
Installer experience
Fact 1:

It improves installer experience.

We launched ECOSE® Technology 10 years ago to improve the installers’ experience with Mineral Wool insulation. It’s pleasant to touch & easy to handle compared to insulation made with chemical based binders.

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Roll cutting
Fact 2:

Easy handling.

Products with ECOSE® Technology contain no added formaldehyde or phenols so are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) & have the best possible Eurofins Gold Certificate for indoor air comfort!

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Product comparison
Fact 3:

It is easy to recognise.

Products manufactured with ECOSE® Technology, our bio-based binder, have a natural brown colour, which is unique to our insulation!

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Fact 4:

It has low levels of dust.

ECOSE® Technology is 70% less energy-intensive to manufacture than traditional binders & is made from rapidly renewable natural raw materials.

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Low VOCs
Fact 5:

It has low VOCs.

ECOSE® Technology has exceptional strength and will deliver the expected level of performance even after 50 years of service.

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