Knauf Insulation partnership creates a sound solution for the University of Pretoria

Knauf Insulation partnership creates a sound solution for the University of Pretoria

When the foyer to the Medical Campus at the University of Pretoria was refurbished, an acoustic solution was needed to dampen reverberation and prevent sound from disturbing students in the adjacent library and lecture theatres. With this in mind, the architect 81_Mass had specified a ceiling build-up comprising acoustic insulation from Knauf Insulation and acoustic ceiling panels from Knauf Group.

For the main ceiling, Knauf Insulation’s 50mm Acoustic Roll was specified. Acoustic Roll is manufactured from Glass Mineral Wool and is designed to reduce the transmission of noise between rooms. Glass Mineral Wool has an open structure that traps sound between its individual strands and turns it into heat energy. The open structure also ensures that sound cannot leak through into an adjacent room or reverberate back into the source room.. Acoustic Roll also has a non-combustible Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire Classification, which means it will not add to the development or spread of fire should it occur.

Acoustic Roll was used in conjunction with Knauf Cleaneo Acoustic panels. The panels are manufactured from plasterboard and feature perforations to deliver unrivalled sound absorption performance. The perforated patterns together with a brilliant white paper finish are designed to turn ceilings into design features. The panels are laid with butt joints for ease of installation.

For areas where the ceiling was plastered, Knauf Insulation’s Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack) was used. Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack) offers excellent thermal performance, is non-combustible with Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire Classification and it complies with SANS 10177 parts 5 and 10 A/A1. It is a two-in-one Glass Mineral Wool insulation roll designed to offer installers maximum flexibility. Each pack contains 32.4m2 of insulation. This can be achieved by splitting the roll, without the need for tools, into two layers, each 50mm deep. Alternatively, the roll can be installed at 100mm depth to provide 16.2 m2 of insulation. The rolls can easily be cut to suit joist centres. 

The striking curved design of the foyer presented some challenges, but Knauf Insulation Mineral Wool insulation can easily be cut to the desired shape. Furthermore, both Acoustic Roll and Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack) are lightweight and easy to install.

The insulation was supplied by trade stockists CAPCO and UBS (Unlimited Building Supplies) and installed by Eticon Construction.

All of Knauf Insulation’s Glass Mineral Wool products are manufactured using ECOSE® Technology, its unique bio-based binder, which binds the strands of mineral wool together. It contains no added formaldehyde or phenols, so is low VOC. ECOSE® Technology makes our insulation pleasant to touch and easy to handle.

Combining Knauf Insulation’s and Acoustic Roll with the Knauf Cleaneo Acoustic panels has created a beautiful welcoming entrance for the University of Pretoria Medical Campus while preventing noise from disturbing students’ learning. Thanks to the addition of Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack), the entrance will maintain a stable internal temperature, helping to save energy too.

Client University of Pretoria
Specifier(s) 81_Mass Architects
Supplier(s) CAPCO Unlimited Building Supplies
Installer(s) Eticon Construction
Other Knauf Products Used Knauf Cleaneo Acoustic panels
Location Pretoria, South Africa