By Knauf Insulation
July 25, 2018

Our strategic decision to enter the region was made following thorough research, and because we believe that we can leverage the existing systems already in everyday use in Europe and the USA, and contribute to South Africa’s objectives of reducing carbon emissions.

As John Sinfield, Knauf Insulation Northern Europe’s Managing Director, explained in his blog in May, we are always interested in bringing our products to new markets, and we think that, at this time, the South African market is the natural one for us to enter.

And this doesn’t just include South Africa, we’re also looking at other English speaking African countries such as Nigeria and Ghana as well as other countries situated in Sub-Saharan Africa.

It’s an intriguing time and while it’s my responsibility to expand Knauf Insulation’s presence in South Africa and beyond, there will also be opportunities along the way for us to bring systems to the market that do not exist today, allowing us and our local trading partners to grow market share and grow the market itself. Alongside this, we have strong innovations in packaging and product technologies that are new for the Africa markets and that bring benefits not just to dealers but installers and specifiers too.

If you’ve had a look at our offering already then you will be aware that we have a number of innovations for commercial and residential buildings, including:

- Ecose® Technology, a sustainable bio-based binder, which produces a Glass and Rock Mineral Wool material that is pleasant to handle and to work with.

- Advanced compression packaging, which allows for longer rolls per pack, more product on each truck, therefore less transport, storage and handling.

- Palletisation, for rapid loading, unloading, stock movement around the yard, and external storage.

- Continued product innovation, continuously adding convenience in core and existing market applications.

- New products for future applications of interest, not only for the savvy designer and builder, but also the building’s occupants, which could apply to an owner or tenant, but will ultimately reduce energy costs.

Knauf Insulation’s products have the SANS 10177 part 5 & part 10 fire certification, and Euroclass A1 non-combustible reaction to fire rating, which again, is where the South Africa standard is thought to be moving to in the near future. Our products are future-ready, but it is our attitude and focus on customer-centricity that we believe sets us apart, and with that, we hope that some of our innovations will enable the required changes and market development.

Through the support of good partners in different market sectors and countries, and with more expected to come on board shortly, we’re starting to form a positive and environmentally friendly footprint in Africa. We look forward to bringing more exciting additions to the market, so do look out for our new Combi-Cut Ceiling Roll concept, and soon after that, our brand new Multi-Pack product.

Mark Gillott, Business Development Director, Knauf Insulation Africa.

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