By Knauf Insulation
December 21, 2018

In my last blog I gave you a heads up about some exciting product innovations we’d be launching over the coming months. One was a completely new concept, while the other is an adaptation to an existing tried-and-tested product to make it even easier to use for our customers in Africa.

Both have now been successfully introduced into the market. You may have already seen the details elsewhere, either reported in the media or on our website. But in case you didn’t, here’s what we launched:

Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack) is a completely new product concept – a two-in-one Glass Mineral Wool insulation roll that can be easily installed in layers either 50mm or 100mm thick. While developed for South Africa as an alternative to polyester (PET) insulation, it is available in all African countries as a competitive ceiling insulation solution. Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack) is comparable on cost with PET, offers superior thermal performance, and crucially is non-combustible (certified to SANS 10177 part 5 and 10 (A/A1) and Euroclass A1), so it’s far better for fire safety than plastic based PET products.

Ceiling Roll (Combi-cut) is our other innovation this year, an adaptation to an existing Knauf Insulation product to make our customers’ lives easier. We’ve added a pre-cut perforation at 800mm/400mm, as well as the existing one at 600mm. This means you don’t need to measure or use any tools to separate into the required widths for your project – just split the roll over your knee along the central perforation for 600mm joists or the alternative perforation for 750mm joist centres (typically used in South Africa).

Because of the greater focus on the energy efficiency of buildings, and changing building regulations in some countries, demand for high-performance, non-combustible insulation solutions is increasing. We’re seeing this particularly in South Africa, and we’ve recently recruited in the country to respond to this, but there are other countries where these trends are evident too, such as Mauritius.

All of which means that the two products we’ve recently launched are just the start. We’re working on other additions and adjustments to our range to ensure we’re meeting the needs of all our customers in Africa by offering application-specific product options to bring convenience and comfort. I’ll be sure to post updates here as they are ready.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about Knauf Insulation’s products, including details about the range, how to stock them, or how we can help you complete your projects, please don’t hesitate to contact me today. Just click here to get in touch.

Mark Gillott, Business Development Director, Knauf Insulation Africa.