Green Roofs
Urbanscape Green Roofs

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System Overview

The Urbanscape Green Roof System is an innovative, lightweight system using our high performance, specially designed non-combustible Rock Mineral Wool needle-felt insulation as a growing medium, and a replacement for traditional substrates.

The system offers high water retention capacity, and is designed specifically for green roofs on residential, non-residential and industrial buildings in urban areas.


Why Green Roofs?

The design of buildings has evolved but the function of buildings has remained constant:

1. Protection
2. Comfort
3. Warmth in winter
4. Coolness in summer

The environmental impact of buildings and green roof solutions are becoming increasingly important. With the development of a wider view of sustainability, it is critical to remember that from a building lifecycle perspective the environmental impact of any building comes from its energy consumption during the time it is used, the use of renewable energy and the use of sustainable materials.

Green roofs go beyond the meaning of contemporary architecture and give a new value to the role of buildings within urban planning. They are designed not only to bring back the natural element in the urban environment but also to provide solutions for important issues such as stormwater management.

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