Roof Insulation South Africa


Our loft insulation solutions provide the most cost effective insulation solution with regards to the ratio of cost to energy saved as insulation thickness is largely unrestricted, allowing very high levels of thermal performance.

Whilst regulations in South Africa require one layer of the appropriate thickness, better performance (eg. energy saving) is achieved with 2 layers. To achieve this, a base layer of 100mm is installed between the joists, and the second layer is cross-laid on top of the base layer to prevent thermal bridging.

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Our insulation solution for room in roof maximises both space and thermal efficiency, whilst also contributing to acoustic performance.

Insulation is friction-fitted between rafters, with the option to underline the rafters with a layer of plasterboard to create a drylined living or working space.

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Built-up Metal Roof

Our mineral wool insulation solutions for built-up metal roofs provide excellent levels of sound absorption, reducing the drumming effect of rainwater and improving the overall acoustic performance of the roof..

Systems typically consist of a low profile metal inner liner sheet, separated from an outer, higher profile metal weather sheet and are typically assembled on site. The cavity between them is maintained by installing a spacer support system (such as Ash & Lacy), and is filled with a layer of insulation to provide the specified level of thermal performance.

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Flat Roofs

Our insulation solutions for flat roof applications (concrete, metal or timber decks) provide both excellent fire and acoustic performance in addition to high levels of thermal performance.

Loading and impact resistance is also required, with compressive strength being an important consideration when selecting flat roof insulation solutions.

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Green Roofs

Our mineral wool green roof growing mediums help to produce innovative extensive green roofs which support sedum, moss, herbs, grasses and other vegetation where low or no maintenance is required.

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