Ventilated façade systems
Ventilated Façade Systems

With Light Steel Frame Construction

Knauf Insulation Rainscreen Facade Systems Rock Mineral Wool


Ventilated façade systems are lightweight when compared to brick and masonry solutions and can provide the designer with a wide range of aesthetic options.

In addition to thermal performance, fire performance of insulation materials is a crucial consideration, particularly when designing high-rise buildings or when the buildings will have high occupancy levels or vulnerable occupants.

Rainscreen ventilated facade systems are suitable for a range of backgrounds and substrates including concrete and masonry walls in addition to steel frame constructions.


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Why Mineral Wool?

  • Being non-combustible, mineral wool is suitable for use on all buildings including high-rise, providing compliance with fire related building regulations seen in all parts of the world.

  • Using mineral wool in ventilated façades improves thermal efficiency to reduce energy costs and is most suited to a range of commercial buildings. This is important when considering the future impact of EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates).

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