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Framed External Walls
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Metal or timber frame walls generally provide better levels of thermal insulation performance than masonry walls of comparable thickness. However, the reduced mass of the wall means that insulation materials need to provide a higher level of acoustic performance to compensate.

Mineral wool insulation is friction-fitted between metal or timber structural studs, with the option to install additional insulation to the internal face of the wall, and / or into the cavity to further enhance thermal performance.


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Why Mineral Wool?

  • Mineral wool friction-fits between metal or timber studs, closing joints and preventing air movement and infiltration through or around the insulation, minimising heat loss and maximising acoustic performance.

  • Mineral wool solutions are much quicker and easier to install, saving time compared to foam insulants that require time-consuming accurate cutting to achieve the required performance.

  • The flexible nature of mineral wool enables it to follow any movement of a timber frame ensuring performance continuity.

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