2 in 1 Multi Pack Ceiling Insulation

2 in 1 Multi Pack Ceiling Insulation
Reason 1:

There is 50mm or 100mm in the same pack.

Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack) can be split into two layers, each 50mm deep, to provide 32.4m of insulation, or used in a single layer 100mm deep covering 16.2m.

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Energy dial
Reason 2:

It has a higher performance than polyester insulation. 

Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack) offers better thermal performance than PET (polyester) insulation, so homes with powered heating and cooling use less energy and save money compared to those without insulation.

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Internal comfort
Reason 3:

It maintains your internal comfort.

Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack) is designed to prevent heat gain and heat loss through ceilings and is available at a competitive price.

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Reason 4:

Choose non-combustible insulation.

Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack) has a Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire Classification. It will not contribute to the development of a fire or its spread should it occur, and will not develop toxic fumes.

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Roll cutting
Reason 5:

It is easy to install.

Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack) can easily be cut to suit joist centres and comes in a lightweight quilt for ease of installation.

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